Don’t Starve: The Screecher has all the scares

Don't Starve: The Screecher

As if Klei’s Don’t Starve wasn’t unsettling enough, the developer has just added a new horror mod, The Screecher. And it’s free for everyone, which is lovely. Well, it would be lovely if it wasn’t designed to make you soil yourself. 

If you’re tempted by the prospect of becoming a nervous wreck, but you haven’t already picked up Don’t Starve, you’re in luck: it’s 50 percent off on Steam right now. Grab it for a measly six of your human pounds. 

The Screecher switches the perspective from the original isometric view to a third person camera, following the explorer of terror from behind. Exploration becomes the dominant element, leaving crafting behind as players investigate their disturbing, haunting environs. Less tinkering, more collecting spooky notes and finding corpses.

You really ought to just play it for yourself absent spoilers, but if you want a taste of what to expect, plaster your slimy orbs of sight all over this video.