Door Kickers alpha 5 brings inventories and infinite missions

Door Kickers Killhouse Games

If you couldn’t tell from Door Kickers review, I love Door Kickers. It’s the first proper SWAT game we’ve had since, well, SWAT. That it’s taken a few nods from Frozen Synapse is no bad thing, either.

Thing is, I loved it before the new update. The new update that turns the game into something significantly better. For one thing, it’s now become an endless mission generator.

The two big additions in alpha 5 are the scenario generator and inventory screen.

The generator takes the game’s maps (currently only a few are enabled) and populates them with terrorists and objectives in randomly chosen spots. You’ll forever be looking at the levels in a new light, worrying which corner the assault will come from.

The inventory screen will dramatically change how you play the game. It lets you select kit for each of your squad, letting you customise them for different forms of attack. Strip them of armour and kit them out with silenced pistols and flashbangs for the subtle take down or heavy armour and breaching charges for the full-frontal assault.

Here’s the full change log:


– You can now customize the inventory of each trooper.

– Random mission generator.

– “No Intel” play mode. For now an experiment, only available in the Random Mission Generator.

– Persistent trooper roster.

– The Corner Engagement issue is done! AI now correctly engages center of visible mass when engaging partially-covered enemies.

– In-cover status now visible on characters; also improved the cover system in general.

– Can now order troopers to switch between primary and secondary weapons.

– “Reload” and “Switch weapon” waypoints now block movement until they are completed.The On-Call actions are still performed on the move and left to player discretion.

– New ambiental music tracks and win/lose jingles.

– New maps.

– Many improvements/fixes on the firearms’ shooting methods.

– Improved deploy screen usability: you can now replace troopers by droping them on top of each other, plus other improvements.

– Firearms are now fully moddable (can add more weapons at will).


– Many fixes to delays in the friendly AI’s targeting.

– Can no longer rotate trooper while disarming bomb, placing a breaching charge or using the spy camera.

– Damage was sometimes incorrectly calculated, which resulted in a more randomness than design intended.

– Fixed game not starting on some Windows XP versions (normaliz.dll error).

– When playing in a resolution below 1366×768, the game no longer crashes and burns.

– Fixed OpenGL-related crash on older hardware.

– Fixed AI going through walls.

– Fixed Linux multi-monitor bug.

– Fixed resolution not changing after switching monitors or changing desktop resolution.

– No more impossible-to-kill enemies on the airplane level.

You can pick up the alpha through Steam.