Door Kickers breaches its way onto Steam Early Access


Door Kickers is out on Early Access; here’s our Door Kickers review.

Like a top down SWAT game, Door Kickers has you command a team of agents as they negotiate hostage situations, bomb disposals, and thwarting bank heists. It’s just appeared on Steam Early Access offering you the chance to dive in as a alpha user for a bit of a discount.

The SWAT games with its deliberate style remains a rarity in gaming. Too many shooters let you fudge your way through a situation. Door Kickers punishes poorly planned assaults on a histage situation with civilian and police casualties.

Despite its 2D presentation it looks to convey all the tension of the old SWAT, Rainbow Six, and Ghost Recon games.

You can dive in now by buying into early access over here. It’s currently in alpha so expect bugs and a lack of features. In time it will have randomised missions, mod support, and a mission editor. There may even be multiplayer eventually.

Another game on the horizon that’s worth a look at is Takedown: Red Sabre. That’s the closest we’re going to get to a Rainbow Six game in the original vein.