Dungeon Defenders 2 announced; features MOBA-influenced cross-platform multiplayer


Well, that is a meaty headline, says it all though: Trendy Entertainment are hard at work on a sequel to their much-loved tower defence/3rd-person thwack ’em up Dungeon Defenders. Though they’re straying a little from the original and taking on a new set of influences for the sequel.

Check them out in the trailer below.

Speaking to IGN, Trendy’s marketing director Philip Asher said that as the original “game was at its best when different heroes with different play styles strategized and fought together […] We wanted to expand that with the sequel. That means more heroes, more towers, more enemies and a greater diversity all around.”

Compared to the games original four heroes to choose from, the 24 characters planned to ship with Dungeon Defenders 2’s vanilla release should offer us a lot of variety in our fighters.

Again, according to IGN, each of the 24 heroes will have individual item sets with which to kit out their six equipable slots (I can see this being a big source of future DLC), so each hero should be pretty customisable.

Another big shift from the original game is Trendy’s plan to release the sequel as a free-to-play title, a move to expand their already sizable playerbase.

While there will be a singleplayer akin to the original’s tower defence roots, the competitive multiplayer will, according to designer Scott Chattan, be “a much more casual MOBA” where they’ve “replaced the item system with an easier-to-learn consumable system” and “decreased the advantages of out-of-game persistent hero progression.”

Players will be able to battle across PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. Lovely stuff.

Dungeon Defenders 2 is aiming for a beta release later this year