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Dyad PC release date announced for 24 April


Hyperkinetic tunnel-racing shooter Dyad has a release date, 24 April. Which, if I’ve done the calculations correctly, is this coming Thursday [Ed: He hasn’t. It’s Wednesday].

It’ll be available through Steam, GOG, and developer Sean McGrath’s own site Dyadgame.com.

It’s difficult to capture what Dyad is without at least some images, so here it is in action on the PS3:

I’ve played a little of it on the Sony box and it’s an addictive experience. The trance music does exactly as the genre’s title suggests and slips you into a passive state where you quickly lose sense of yourself playing the game. Certainly something to try while consuming a substance that rhymes with tea and was big in the 90s clubbing scene.

McGrath announced Dyad’s release date and explained why it missed its planned March release in a short video blog. The short of it is that “What happened was that I had a kid and they’re a lot of work. Who knew?”


The face of fatherhood.

Cheers, Polygon.