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Eden Star puts the power of Minecraft in a glove


You may have occasionally looked at Minecraft’s blocks and really wanted a piece of the action, but after getting into that chunky world you might have found it a little too… serene? After all, it doesn’t have lasers, a thudding soundtrack and physics blasting out of your fingertips. You want a game that does? Try Eden Star. It’s got all that, and Minecraft’s block-building. All in the name of terraforming.

UK indie studio Flix have released a debut trailer for the game, which currently sits in alpha stage. An open-word sandbox, your character uses what appears to be Half-Life’s Gravity Gun melded to the back of your hand, allowing you to not only build up defensive structures in Minecraft-style block work, but also smash objects into things with a great deal of force. It looks nothing short of pretty cool. Of course if physics attacks aren’t good enough for you, you could just break everything with an Iron Man-like palm laser.

Exploration and base expansion are the key points of the game as you attempt to defend a planet terraformer from enemies. Traversing the world looks to be made highly enjoyable by a slick parkour system.

If Eden Star has starstruck you, then you’d best hop on over to the game’s Steam Greenlight page and give it a great big thumbs up. Flix promise an alpha sometime later in the year.

Thanks, Rock, Paper, Shotgun.