Elite: Dangerous teaser makes game appear awesome and forces cynicism aside


Frontier Developments have released a new teaser for Elite: Dangerous as a means of rustling up its last 400,000 of pledges over on Kickstarter. Now, till this point I’ve been fairly cynical about the whole project, it appeared to be a bit of a money grab – initially the project was started without anything to show for it, only a vague description from designer David Braben about what he’d want the game to look like, it also had the largest Kickstarter target seen for a game, and had set itself twice the standard length of pledging time as a means of securing it.

But this latest trailer, it salves a good portion of my calloused expectations.

I mean, whoosh, schwoar, badda badda, kabosh.

Elite: Dangerous is currently sitting at £815,000 of a £1,250,000 target. If you’re interested in pledging then head over herebut, please, read the entire Kickstarter page and the project’s updates. This is a very big project and Frontier Developments have had trouble in the past with getting big projects out the door.

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