Elite: Dangerous will beam into your eyes via Oculus Rift


Kickstarted space trading and combat sim Elite: Dangerous is using more than just on-screen futuristic tech. Creators Frontier Developments have announced the game will support VR system Oculus Rift at launch.

“We’ve been playing with the Oculus Rift dev kits and are excited about the potential – just glancing around your cockpit or being totally immersed in a space battle,”said Frontier’s head David Braben. “Many of our backers have made it clear that they would like Oculus Rift support – and so do we! We’re very pleased with the results so far.”

We’re all in agreement that space games are the perfect fit for the incredible Oculus VR tech, and Elite will no doubt look amazing on it, should you be lucky enough to own a headset yourself. The Rift-enabled version of the game will be available to all backers at no additional charge.