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Epigenesis available on Steam Early Access, community tournament happening this month


Epigenesis is out on Early Access; here’s our Epigenesis review.

Dead Shark Triplepunch, the indie developer behind Epic Games’ Make Something Unreal Live competition, have released their baby Epigenesis onto Steam for players to dive into. It’s currently in Early Access, so a little unfinished in a few areas, but almost entirely ready for Quake-fashioned multiplayer mayhem.

The version you can pick up from Steam is currently in late Alpha stage, and Dead Shark Triplepunch believe it’s about 70% complete. Your £6.99 purchase will bag you four maps and four plants to use.

Four plants? What on earth am I talking about? Epigenesis is all about using seeds to grow buff-providing plants that help your team score goals in a mad anti-gravity environment. Think Quidditch if invented by the Tron team on mushrooms.

“Epigenesis is a love letter to Quake and Unreal Tournament’s Bombing Run. It’s a combination of the games that we miss from the time when we grew up, and we want to bring that same experience to new players but with a modern twist,” said Michael Levall, project lead for Dead Shark Triplepunch. “Whether you’re an old Quake player who misses the twitchy shooter, or if you’re someone who thinks you know the meaning of the word ‘hectic,’ Epigenesis has something for you.”

If you pick up the game, you could enter Dead Shark Triplepunch’s community tournament, being held from Friday 15th November to Monday 18th. For details, check out the developer’s website.