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The etiquette of a SpyParty explained


Going to a SpyParty could, understandably, make you a little nervous. How should one compose themselves? Who are you allowed converse with? What person should I shoot in the face? So many questions, but no real answers.

Until now. A new trailer for the asynchronous multiplayer game SpyParty explains exactly what you should be doing in the game, so your first experience of a SpyParty should be a hoot, not a horror. 

The trailer shows off the game in its current beta placeholder graphics, although we know that these will be replaced with some quite fancy artwork come full release. This is an intentional move, explains developer Chris Hecker, since “the last thing I want is somebody watching some super polished pre-rendered trailer and then loading the game and feeling misled.”

Yes, that’s right: if you want to play SpyParty, you can right now. Head over to the game’s lovely new homepage and slap down some cash to gain entry to the Early Access beta. It may have a face only a mother could love right now, but its systems remain entirely compelling.

If you’re unaware of SpyParty and the trailer didn’t quite do its job, the game places one player at a cocktail party in the role of a spy, and a second player as a sniper peering into the party through a scope with the goal of killing the spy. The spy must complete several objectives at the party without being noticed by the sniper. The key is to act like an NPC to remain inconspicuous. Fool the sniper and you’ll complete the mission. Make a fool of yourself, and your brains will likely be served up as the dessert course.