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Europa trailer shows off the difficulty of surviving in space when you wake up in cutoff shorts


Although it’s still very early in development, Europa, a new project from one man indie outfit Quick Finges is showing a promising blend of space, explosions, and cutoff shorts.

All are on display in the below video and I’ve managed to snaffle up a few more details too.

Taken from Quick Finger’s Youtube channel:

If, like me, you aren’t galactically inclined you might have needed to look at Wikipedia to learn that Europa is the name of one of Jupiter’s moons (and, it says here, named after the Queen of Crete, fancy that).Tom Jackson, Europa’s developer, has been responding to questions about the game on Reddit and from that we can glean that the game’s “about exploration of Europa, one of Jupiters moons, it’s not a procedural universe type gig. So you won’t be leaving to explore any other planets any time soon. But as I’m slightly infatuated with Jupiter you do get a great view of it in the sky during the game, looking very foreboding with its animated gassy surface and recognisable giant rd[sic] spot staring at you.”

He also tells us that we can expect to see more consoles because Jackson’s “been obsessed with consoles in games ever since I played the first Deus Ex and had to physically type peoples user names and passwords in to access the e-mails. Nowadays you don’t see that sort of tactile control so much. So I want people to have to type again.”

Also, despite looking similar to Prenumbra games’ first person, body-oriented perspective it’s not simply slasherhorror in space. Though,”[t]here will be some horror esque elements… psychological though, not going to be any shock gore or slasher stuff, and also the lethal radiation of Jupiter comes into play as part of the story but I do not want to divulge all the good bits , you will have to play it :)”

Europa began as a project made 7DFPS game jam and that brief version is available to download here.

We’ll be keeping track of Europa as it develops.