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Faster, Thumper! Kill! Kill!

Thumper Drool

It’s been too long since a good rhythm game stole my life. Thumper looks like it may do the trick.

From some ex-Harmonix developers, the folk that made Guitar Hero, Thumper has you control a speedy as anything beetle as it travels down a musical highway on a path to kill Crakhed.

Yes. Thumper does sound weird. It looks awesome, though.

According to Thumper’s developer, Drool, Thumper’s “the ultimate space beetle. Galactically famous for his high chrome finish and chill personality, THUMPER has a penchant for staggering collisions and reckless ventures into uncharted psychic domains.”

Crakhed’s the villain of the piece. The beast is “marshaling his army of blasphemous servitors and preparing a merciless onslaught.”


The game’s got a wicked score and it looks to be brutally simple.

Brian Gibson, bassist of Lightning Bolt, is one half of the development team. He’s in charge of Thumper’s art. Marc Flury, the other half of the team, was the lead programmer on The Beatles: Rock Band. He’s handling the coding side of the game.

According to Polygon, Thumper will be out next year.