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Fez 2 cancelled following Twitter argument


Polytron have announced that development of Fez 2 has been cancelled. This follows an argument on Twitter between Fez’s developer, Phil Fish, and Game Trailer’s Marcus Beer, which ended with Fish tweeting “I fucking hate this industry”.

The tweet announcing the cancellation of Fez 2 was short and to the point:

The argument between Fish and Beer emerged from a three minute rant from Beer at the beginning of this episode of Game Trailer’s Invisible Walls program. In it Beer attacks Fish for not commenting on a recent Microsoft announcement about self-publishing on the Xbox One. He called Fish a “self-styled king” of the indie scene and that he only talks to the press when it suits him. He also says Fish comes across as “a fucking arsehole most of the time”.

Fish responded to the attack by demanding an apology from Beer for the abuse. As the argument continued, Kotaku claim Fish told Beer to “kill yourself”. (Fish has locked his Twitter account since the incident and we are unable to access or embed his Twitter history.)

Again, according to Kotaku, who have managed to speak with Fish, it’s been confirmed that Fish has cancelled development of the game entirely.

The first game, which eventually released through Steam after its exclusivity contract with Microsoft had run its course, won numerous awards, including the IGF’s grand prize. It’s a shame Fez 2’s been cancelled, whatever your opinion of the developer, a good game is a good game and we should only want more good games.