Fistful of Gun is Western themed fun


Top-down pixel violence is having a bit of a resurgence of late with the likes of Hotline Miami and Techno King showing us the joys of simple controls and easy death. Fistful of gun fits right in with that crowd though it brings with it a few of its own endearing quirks, including three player local co-op.

Fistful of Gun offers three different characters, each controlled by a different device (mouse, gamepad, or keyboard), with which to clear levels of aggressive cowboys and Indians.

The joy of Fistful of Gun is that with each different controller comes a different playstyle. Take, for instance, Zeke, the character you control with the mouse. Holding left click will have him move towards your cursor; holding right click will have him start aiming down his gun, releasing the button has him fire. Having the control system in that way makes Zeke extremely accurate but poor at dodging incoming fire. Noah, who is controlled with the keyboard and is armed with a shotgun, is great for dodging but as you aim and move with the cursor keys, you often walk yourself into danger.

You can grab the game for free from here.

See it in action in the trailer:

Thanks,PC Gamer.