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Fract’s new video says it’s “about taking a journey in musical discovery”

Fract OSC Phosfiend Systems

Fract’s been on my radar for about three years now. Originally looking like a puzzle game with nice synth music, it now seems to have evolved into something considerably larger. It’s a world of large open spaces, synth inputs, and procedural growth determined by the music you play.

I really want to spend a few hours in Fract’s world of crude geometry and rough synth music. Besides the aesthetic of the place it would be good to find out just how free you are to recreate the world by operating the synthesisers and how easy the machines are to use. I have zilch music ability and I’d hate to have a game remind me of that at every turn.

While the team still aren’t giving a release date they’ve told RPS that Fract will be ready for release in a few months time.

Back in July The Indie Fund announced they would be supporting Fract’s developers. You can compare the difference the money’s made for the game by watching the video they released then: