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Freaking Meatbags has you augment puny humans to fight the robot menace

Freaking Meatbags Wild factor

The galaxy is collapsing and your job, as an intergalactic mining robot, is to harvest all the resources from the planets before that happens. Not only that, you also have to protect the weak blood and organ-filled humans that populate these worlds. Protect them from what? Wild, undomesticated robots.

Of course, if you need a hand in that task, you can always give the humans a couple of modifications.

Freaking Meatbags is a tower defence game akin to Puppy Games’ Revenge of the Titans. You have your mining facility at one end of the map and from the other come waves of killer robots. Controlling your droid directly you can build towers, human modification stations, or collect gun drones and take the fight to the robots yourself.

The main draw of Meatbags is the, well, meatbags. Humans, I mean. You can splice them with alien DNA so they explode on contact with robots, give them laser eyes, or even fit their fleshy frames with rocket launchers.

The designers have given you a lot of choices when it comes to play. You can lean on modifying humans, a group who you have limited control over but come in large numbers; upgrading yourself, giving you direct control of weapons but limited numbers; or more traditional towers, they’re powerful but immobile.

Freaking Meatbags comes to Steam later this month and it will be good to see how this eclectic mix of options comes together.

Cheers, RPS.