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Free to play robo-smasher AirMech is coming to Steam


AirMech is coming to Steam! What’s an AirMech? Why, it’s a curious breed of intermittently perambulatory and airborne transforming robotic contraption, bro. The free to play, mech-scrapping action-RTS officially launches on Steam in September, but those wishing to force their way into the closed beta using money can do exactly that for £15.40. By forking over cash, you’re rewarded with a robot’s buttload of extra content, from new units and AirMech skins to an exlusive ‘Beta Bomber’, VIP Quests and bonus XP. Hello free to play mechanics! The move to Steam also brings with it the usual tricks: 86 achievements, friend lists and Steam leaderboards are all included. Of course, the base game remains utterly free on the AirMech website, if you’d like to give it a no-strings-attached whirl.

Curiously, the game’s developers have no plans to wipe accounts and start fresh with this Steam release. “Even from alpha, we haven’t had to wipe data from accounts,” explains Carbon Games’ James Green. “If anything, players might earn something extra due to a bug or exploit, but we love having that help from players so why would we punish them by wiping their accounts? Find an exploit, go for it, you’re just helping us make the game better, and you can keep it all even when we hit full release.”

The tutorial also contains one of my favourite lines from anything, describing a friendly tank with the phrase: “He is your robot pal who’s fun to be with.” D’aww.