Frictional tease their next game. Looks to be a space horror

Frictional Games next horror

Frictional became famous for their pants-browning horror game, Amnesia. While they handed the reins of the series off to thechineseroom, they were hard at work on their follow-up a game they’re now ready to begin teasing.

It looks to be set in space and may feature a machine brain gaining sentience. Did someone say System Shock-inspired?

The hunt for clues began after Frictional’s creative director, Thomas Grip, tweeted

It wasn’t long till folk found It appears the loading bar is progressing the more views it receives.

From the style of the splash screen, we’re clearly out of the 19th century setting of Amnesia into something more futuristic. That would lead on from this job posting made back in June. It came with this image:

Frictional sci fi horror

Quite Alien-like, eh?

One of the Frictional’s fans, MidgeS, discovered that she could fiddle with the site and reveal a hidden message: Cogito Ergo Sum. I think, therefore I am. I’d speculate this is about a machine AI developing sentience beyond its parameters and taking control of a complex which you’ll be exploring. It would fit with Frictional’s style of having you explore a space while watched over my a malevolent force.

Hopefully more details will be forthcoming.

Cheers, Rely on Horror.