Frictional’s Amnesia follow-up is called SOMA – and that’s about all we know


Frictional Games’ new thing is named SOMA, though it looks like it could just as easily be SOPA. The indie terror specialists have chosen to allude to its themes with a lengthy live-action trailer about a blacked-out monitor, you see, attached to the strangest desktop PC you’ve ever seen.

For a while it seems like J.K. Simmons might march in and transform this into a hammy Red Alert cutscene, but the trailer eventually reveals itself to be that other thing sci-fi does well: cold horror.

The sparse teaser site discloses a little about the machine’s origins on a research mission, and the unease and chaos it has caused for its new owners since.

“Keep an eye out for personality deviation,” reads a memo. “When able, always meet in person.”

Oo-err. Have we just witnessed ground zero of a System Shock-style space incident?

Thanks, RPS.