Frozen Endzone beta launches December 5

Frozen Endzone beta trailer

I still don’t know what to think of Frozen Endzone. The Frozen part, the legacy of Frozen Synapse, I’m totally down with. Mode 7’s simultaneous turn-based strategy affair is an absolute delight. But there’s that Endzone part, the bit that screams American football and scares me as I imagine my burly cousins across the Atlantic doing themselves an injury.

Blood Bowl was inpenetrable, mainly because I kept trying to play rugby, and I fret the same thing will happen again when I play Frozen Endzone. But stone me if the five minute beta launch trailer doesn’t make it look really rather lovely. Undress it with your eyes below. 

The match, commentated by Paul Taylor, looks like what Iron Man’s various suits do when Tony Stark is off on business and they have nothing else to do besides play a brutal sport.