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A Game of Dice ‘n’ Cards: Armello brings the tabletop to the desktop


There’s no denying the appeal of traditional tabletop games. Their focus on core systems makes them brilliantly balanced and exceptionally intricate, bolstered by the fun of their social demands. League of Geeks, a small outfit in Melbourne, Australia, is looking to bring an authentic tabletop game to the PC, whilst also wrapping it up in computer game wizardry. The result is something beautiful: Armello. 

Armello is a local and online multiplayer board and card game set in a fable-like fantasy world. The King is suffering from The Rot, a curse that continues to work it’s dark forces against him. Not just a story element, this plague actually affects his in-game character, each turn succumbing more to the curse. Players take control of a clan and must defeat the King in combat or by cure, with the player who defeats the King crowned the winner.

Set on a hex-tiled board, turns comprise of movement, combat, and card management elements, with the cards themselves offering boosts and represented on screen with stunning animated artwork.

Armello is a Kickstarter project which has just completed its funding campaign. It’s guaranteed to be made, and met all of its stretch goals too. If you love the look of the game you can still donate over at the Armello website, and still pick up some backer-exclusive rewards.