GamersGate launches the IndieFort Championship, “the world’s biggest indie bundle”


With twenty-four games to choose from this really is an enormous selection, though this isn’t strictly one single bundle. GamersGate are making the games available here in choose-your-own combinations of three, six or nine games, all of which can net you some serious discounts. If you really want to get all twenty-four, it looks like you’ll have to… hold on. Um… You’ll have to buy two sets of nine and one of six! Click through to see the full list.

Bullet points, activate!

  • 3079
  • A Sirius Game
  • Air Buccaneers HD, the alpha build
  • Black Market
  • Blue Libra
  • Cardinal Quest
  • Cell Emergence
  • Dark Scavenger
  • DEMISE: Ascension
  • Devil Whiskey
  • Girl with a heart of
  • Hacker Evolution Duality
  • Influence
  • Orbitron: Revolution
  • Project Black Sun
  • Sentinel 3: Homeworld
  • Shepherd Slaughter
  • Star Prospector
  • Survivors of Ragnarok
  • Telepath RPG: Servants of God
  • Tiny and Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers
  • Three Dead Zed
  • Will Fight for Food
  • Zombie Football Carnage

Buying those two sets of nine and one of six will set you back £17.47, which is less than a pound a game, and from
September 21st, you’ll be able to vote on your favourites, which will be
included in the all-caps ULTIMATE INDIEFORT PACK for just $3.