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Get back to the table: Card Hunter is getting an expansion

Card Hunter expansion

Card Hunter is an absolute delight, being both a tight, clever strategy card game and a celebration of tabletop gaming if our Card Hunter review has anything to say. The halcyon days of being a child and sitting around a table with friends, roleplaying and rolling die never happened to me – I didn’t get into that until my mid-20s – but I’m still affected by the nostalgia. The excitement inherent in playing something utterly new, exploring a fantastical world for the first time, that’s pretty much ubiquitous among anyone who dabbles in gaming.

So it’s good. But it might be about to get better. Blue Manchu announced the first major expansion for Card Hunter yesterday: Attack of the Artifacts. More monsters, quests, gear and lore – oh my, I’m excited. 

“In the fetid swamps of the Valley of Tezkal, monsters long though to be extinct have been terrorizing the local villagers. Rumours swirl of swarms of poisonous plant pygmies, vicious packs of Gnarls and even, if the reports are to be believed, sightings of the mythical Sharkbear! Gird your loins, shuffle your cards and get ready for more Card Hunting in the Attack of the Artifacts expansion!”

Plant pygmies and sharkbears, I’m not even sure I want to fight them. I will, of course.

On top of the expansion campaign and all the shiny new cards, the Card Hunter League is being introduced. It’s a competitive multiplayer mode where players can duke it out in different multiplayer formats for the chance to win prizes.

Attack of the Artifacts is due out later this month.