GoD Factory: Wingmen trailer reveals a deeper space shooter than expected


When last we wrote about GoD Factory it was still early in development, using placeholder art, and wasn’t close to feature complete. While still very much in development, the “reveal” trailer below proves it’s a game to keep your eye on, particularly if you like 4v4 space fighter multiplayer action.

(Which you should.)

On the surface GoD Factory looks like a cross between Colony Wars and a taster dish of Deluxe paint; a mad, colourful, space shooter. That alone would be a welcome release this year, we’re still far from sated in that genre, but if you read through the developer’s blog posts you’ll find that there’s a good deal going on within and around the game outside of the norm.

For a start, to encourage teams to play together they’ve made each ship overbrim with health points. Meaning that one-on-one dog fights will become drawn out affairs. The most effective way to down a fighter is to do it with wingmen. The benefits of cooperation are enhanced by the damage system that underlies all the game’s weapons and projectiles. There are six different damage types and, like the spell classes in Magicka, they can combine or cancel each other out. If you and are a teammate are firing complimentary ammo types at an enemy fighter you will receive a boost to the damage you deal.

That’s all within the game. Outside of the dogfighting and carrier combat you can design your own ships, dragging in different components and weapons to build a ship fitted for a specific task. A fast fighter that can chase down its opponents and neutralise its engines for its slower moving teammates, say.

There’s still no announced release date for GoD Factory: Wingmen but there is a beta planned before it hits version 1.0.