Godus Alpha updated so there’s “much less meaningless clicking”

Godus is still fundamentally a game about flattening terrain - strategy, sadly, does not enter into it.

Godus is out on Early Access; here’s our Godus review.

When Tim reviewed Godus’ Alpha he was struck by how “Godus is unbelievably, dramatically, stupidly click heavy.” You’d click on a house to collect resources, click to build a new home, click on the new home to collect resources, click on the first house to collect resources, build more homes, and so on.

Looks like 22Cans were listening. They’ve completely “recrafted” the games flow, leaving it with “much less meaningless clicking.”

Doesn’t that mean there’s still some “meaningless” clicking in there, though?

Other new features include a new age. You can now advance your villages into the bronze age and research all the technologies that come with that.

You’ll now need to plant fields and grow crops to feed your population.

Dynamic storms will sweep the land and destroy your villages unless you terraform a protective mountain ridge.

There are a lot of fixes, too. You can read through them all in the changelog below:

1.3 New and Improved Features

  • Flow completed recrafted, much less meaningless clicking

  • Enter the Bronze Age and era of agriculture.

  • 12 New Bronze age advances including Farming, Politics and Cartography.

  • 8 New Resource cards to collect

  • 8 New God Cards to collect

  • New unlocks to increase your Area of Influence, speed up followers and cheaper settlements

  • Unlock a new Farmer Follower and grow your civilisation through agriculture

  • Farmers will grow crops outside of settlements for the population

  • Crops are gathered to feed your population and advance your civilisation

  • Choose the most fertile and efficient land for your crops

  • Dynamic weather system where lightning storms will bombard your Homeworld, damaging Abodes not in a settlement

  • Sprogging centralised within settlements rather than on individual Abodes

  • Sprogging from Abodes only available when the Followers have a job

  • Abodes inside a settlement now have second stories allowing much greater capacity and Belief.

  • Multiplayer balanced so that enemy followers will not fight each other as you plan dominance

  • New scrapbook hints

  • Felt tents no longer produce Belief and instead house more Followers and have faster Follower generation

  • Faster info bubbles

  • New God Power icons

  • Followers share their thoughts and needs via Prayers

  • Beam added to Shrines within Area of Influence

  • All battle maps quicker to fight

  • Totem rebalanced to reduce number of Followers

  • Finger of God is now more effective

  • Townlife is now more meaningful

  • New gem seams added to Homeworld

  • Rebalanced trees and rocks

1.3 Bug Fixes

  • Various crash fixes including crashes on startup for both Mac and Windows

  • Fixes for crashes related to Settlements

  • Beautified land will remain beautified after exiting the game

  • Previously used Resource Cards given back for removed Advance Cards

  • Followers will no longer walk slowly on land that was previous blighted

  • Temple of Fertility statue is now actually on the temple

  • Settlements will always generate Belief

  • Settlement roads will re-draw after Abodes are moved

  • Followers on fire will die even when on Beautified land or in a Settlement

  • New opening flyover

  • Shrines are now more distinctive

  • Belief gain modified to be slower when game is shut down

  • God Power icons crisper

  • Villagers will recover correctly after being in water then rescued

  • Crash when attacking a Castle in Story Battle fixed

  • “FULL” from Abode info no longer getting stuck on screen

  • Belief musical chain “fail” will not play after collecting only one Belief bubble

  • Collecting Belief from a Settlement will continue the musical chain

  • Bach’s First Prelude now plays in full

  • Shrubs on Statue of Settlement shadow fixed

  • Statue of Settlement no longer floating

  • Statue of Settlement destruction crash fixed

  • Statue of Settlement door is blue in Homeworld

  • Statue of Settlement flag will be striped with sprogging is available

  • Fix for odd behaviour of Followers from Settlement sprogging

  • Mining is now more significant to Followers

  • Z-fighting on Settlement base fixed

  • Flag SFX will play on Settlement

  • Failsafe against Armageddon being usable in Homeworld

  • Shrines will continue to build after exiting the game

  • Totem number will not remain on screen when Totem is deactivated

  • Card descriptions on Felt Tents and Permanent Abodes changed to reflect new functionality

  • Fixed lighting on Abodes and fences

  • Fixed Followers getting stuck at Totem

  • Belief and Follower info dialogue removed on Abodes in a Settlement

  • SFX volume cannot be set to NULL

1.3 Known Issues

  • Sometimes the Mac version will hardlock after 30 minutes of inactivity

  • Shrine cards look duplicated

  • Land expansion shrine has no scaffolding

  • Difficult to see if Farms are selected to be moved with Town Planning

  • Lens flare from beams remains on Shrines

  • Special Followers will sometimes play female Follower sprog sound FX

  • Named Followers are randomly assigned a gender

  • Some VFX are not affected by nighttime

  • GODUS icon is low resolution

  • The final paragraph in the scrapbook does not fade in

  • Cannot quit game when cards are on-screen

  • Wheat is static in the wind

  • Roads to farms do not always appear

  • Statue of Speed FX can appear overblown

  • Sometimes there is an audio bug when returning to Homeworld mid-Multiplayer battle

  • Info bubble for a Settlement will sometimes not appear if the info bubble is already open on another Settlement