Godus prototype footage shows world ending water vortex


Godus is out on Early Access; here’s our Godus review.

The release of the first footage of god game Godus’ prototype may be what’s needed to loosen the purse strings on Kickstarter pledgers’ e-wallets. Godus’ Kickstarter still has 15 days to go but with less than half of the minimum funds raised to meet their target things at 22 Cans may be becoming a little tense. 

The footage is of an exceedingly early build of the game, showing little more than simple landscape manipulation and basic followers but it is something, at least.

Check it out below.

The footage of the prototype build kicks in at about 2.40 if you want to jump ahead to that point. I warn you, though, you’ll be missing the discussion of the acorn.

Now, as world ending bugs go, that’s quite the vortex (I really hope that makes its way into the final version in some form).

Like I said up top, and as they make clear in the video, this is an extremely early build and so we aren’t being shown anything that will be representative of the game in its completion. It all looks very unpolished and primary coloured but it’s good to see something resembling Populous up and running, albeit briefly.

The video moves over to the art department at one point, and Molyneux points out the concept art for a battle scene, which does look good – it concept art after all. And it will be good to see something of that appear in the prototype.

As said earlier, Godus has 15 days of pledging left on the clock and is currently sitting at around £200,000 of a £450,000 target.