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Guacamelee! is coming to PC in a week; Mutant Blobs Attack bundled free


Guacamelee! The name alone should have you folk intrigued. It, after all, is a pun, hints at violence, and sensitively touches on a nuanced element of Mexican culture. Plus, it’s a dimension-switching, 2D platformer/brawler. What’s not to like?

Well, it’s headed to Steam next week and, if you buy it in the first week, it comes bundled with Mutant Blobs Attack.

We’re getting a polished up version of the game, too. It comes with Steam cards, achievements, leaderboards, cloud saving, and two DLC packs – a costume pack and The Devil’s Playground.

Mutant Blobs Attack is already available on Steam but buying Guacamelee! in the first week will net you a copy of the great looking platformer:

Cheers, IGN.