Gunpoint gadget trailer shows unfriendly fire; Steam release announced


Gunpoint has leapt out of the window; here’s our Gunpoint review.

The latest footage of Gunpoint shows off some of the noire puzzle platformer’s gadgets in action. This includes the now familiar Crosslink – a tool which allows you to link any switch to any door/camera/gun/etc and take control of the device – as well as a few new ones, like the Hushcracker and the prankspasm.

We also learn that developer Tom Francis has managed to secure distribution through Steam.

It’s easy to see how with each new gadget your options as a player will expand considerably, opening new ways to approach each challenge; owning the Hushcracker will allow you to take a more direct, physical approach to problem solving, allowing you to get closer to your foes to dispatch them, for instance.

Gunpoint’s continues to be a mechanically intriguing game but one which hinges on its level design, if it’s too open then the puzzles may simply be too easy and be void of fun, too constricted, though, and you won’t be free to develop your own playstyle. We’ll only know how successfully Francis has been in pulling this off when we have a copy in our hands and we still have not clear idea when that will be. At least not for a number of months as he has only recently begun a six month sabbatical from his position at PC Gamer.

Also, check out this insightful video blog of Francis discussing storytelling in games:

Cheers, RPS.