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Gunpoint launch trailer reminds you it’s out and is excellent


Gunpoint’s launch trailer has sprung onto the internet like a near-future cyber-sleuth sporting a new pair of projectile trousers. It sums up everything about the game which made Jeremy give it 9/10 in his Gunpoint review: slapping guards, hacking, one-shot kills, slapping guards, pushing guards through plate glass windows, and slapping guards.

Watch it. Then buy it. Twice.

I played through Gunpoints first few missions this morning and am already a little smitten with developer Tom Francis’ noir-esque hack’em’up. It’s a high quality puzzle game that, despite its setting, never forgets to laugh at itself, the dialogue trees are littered with silly responses, the animation and sound of slapping a guards face has yet to get dull, and springing through a plate glass window pushing a heavily armoured guard in front of you is just plain fun.

Also, I may have fluffed my non-lethal playthrough. Not realising you only had to slap a guard once to knock them out I may have beaten them to a bloody pulp and earned myself a psychopath rating.

You can pick up a copy of Gunpoint through the Humble store or Steam.