Halfway has you fight off an alien boarding party Xcom-style

halfway robotality

Aliens rarely seem to be out to help mankind. They’re either against us colonising their planets or invading our own. When they’re not doing that, they’re going halfway and attacking our spaceships on the way to their planets.

Halfway sees you defending yourself from an alien boarding party and pulling all the tricks of turn-based tactical game Xcom to do it.

You control a squad of marines fighting to regain control of their ship from alien boarders. You’ll need to work through the bowels of the ship to expel the interlopers. Each of your squad can be upgraded with new skills as they gain experience and you’ll need to outthink the xenomorphs to stay alive. They outnumber you and have a lot of power behind their punches.

The game won’t have Xcom’s procedurally generated campaign. Instead, Halfway is a linear storyline with designed levels.

Don’t worry about the game lacking replayability. Soon after release the team are releasing mod tools that will let us build our own campaigns.

See them at work in this video:

Halfway’s still deep in development but expect to be able to play it later this year.

Cheers, RPS.