Hot Tin Roof: The Cat That Wore A Fedora hits Kickstarter goal

Hot Tin Roof The Cat That Wore A Fedora

You could have been understandably worried that PC gaming would end another year without the prospect of a game featuring a cat wearing a fedora. Worry no more, Hot Tin Roof has reached its funding goal and is now on its way to a 2014 release.

Hot Tin Roof has you fill the boots of detective Emma Jones as she and her fedora-wearing cat sidekick, Franky, investigate a series of murders in a noir world. In a visually nifty twist, you play on a 2D plane mapped onto a 3D world. Often this means you’ll rotate the world like turning a cube to show off a new face and open up a new set of platforms to explore.

The game’s passed its $20,000 goal and will now continue production towards an August 2014 release date.

There are a load of stretch goals the team aim to reach. Though, with seven hours left on the clock they may only be able to reach the $30,000 goal that brings with it a Chinatown section and firework gun.

You can read more about Hot Tin Roof on its Kickstarter page.

Also, here are some cats in fedoras: