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Hotline Miami 2 trailer is all forward rolls and dual-wielding in the name of sudden death

Hotline Miami 2

Whenever a point total springs up on screen to record a kill in Hotline Miami – which is always – it looks a bit like the word ‘Woops’. That just about sums up the best-played-in-private antisocial glee of the game’s ultraviolence, which is clearly recognisible via its dental records in this new trailer for the sequel.

Dual-wielding is the key gimmick here – alongside a TV filter effect that makes it impossible to follow what’s going on in the game’s curious multiple-perspective tale of masked vigilantism. Let’s hope that’s a trailer-specific thing.

Otherwise, it looks great. Here’s the thing, though: how on earth are we going to fire in two opposite directions at once, as our protagonist does about 25 seconds in? Are we going to need to invest in a second mouse? By all means, suggest alternate input options in the comment section below.

Hotline Miami 2 is out sometime in the Autumn. It will be the last game in the series – because Dennaton have finished implementing all of their ideas for its design. That really shouldn’t be a novel idea, should it?