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Hotline Miami 2 trailer is all forward rolls and dual-wielding in the name of sudden death

Hotline Miami 2

Whenever a point total springs up on screen to record a kill in Hotline Miami - which is always - it looks a bit like the word ‘Woops’. That just about sums up the best-played-in-private antisocial glee of the game’s ultraviolence, which is clearly recognisible via its dental records in this new trailer for the sequel.

Dual-wielding is the key gimmick here - alongside a TV filter effect that makes it impossible to follow what’s going on in the game’s curious multiple-perspective tale of masked vigilantism. Let's hope that's a trailer-specific thing.

Otherwise, it looks great. Here’s the thing, though: how on earth are we going to fire in two opposite directions at once, as our protagonist does about 25 seconds in? Are we going to need to invest in a second mouse? By all means, suggest alternate input options in the comment section below.

Hotline Miami 2 is out sometime in the Autumn. It will be the last game in the series - because Dennaton have finished implementing all of their ideas for its design. That really shouldn’t be a novel idea, should it?

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Dog Pants avatar
Dog Pants Avatar
Dog Pants(6 hours played)
4 Years ago

In case my avatar isn't a giveaway, I'm very much looking forward to this. That's me in the jacket and mask by the way. Bloodied saucepan out of shot.

As for control methods, I have some suggestions:

1. Multiplayer co-op. Each player controls an arm and a leg each. Could result in walking in circles.

2. Eye tracking with some sort of Kinect device. May lead to the player resembling Marty Feldman.

3. Some kind of foot-based joypad. Would have to be wipe clean, anti-fungal, and possibly scented.

4. Crowd sourced, like that Pokemon thing on Twitch. May not meet the required level of responsiveness.

5. AI controlled other arm. Runs the risk of learning to love, understanding the value of human life, or developing despair at the futility of it all. Could be counter-intuitive.

6. Cumulative lives. Do the run one handed until you die, then control the other arm as the character runs through the level again until you take over where you died last. Repeat until you finish the level or start again. Could be considered too abstract.

I think it probably has to be one of those.