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Hotline Miami launch trailer makes me fear rabbits, rabbits with bats, rabbits with bats and a vendetta


Now I’m not one to say that one of the other writers on the site stepped above their station, but when Jeremy wrote about the release of Hotline Miami earlier today he was above his station. He missed out on the launch trailer:

This was all that was left at the site of the Devolver Digital Youtube channel massacre:

Plug that trailer into this’n and we got ourselves a good ol’ fashioned Drive homage.

If you like the sound of that music then you should also heck out the weapons video over on the Steam store page (not yet available on Youtube) and this post, in which I put together as much of the soundtrack as I can.

So, yes, Hotline Miami is out today and playable right now. I’m not bitter that I’m on a news shift. Not at all.