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Hotline Miami story-driven DLC coming

Hotline Miami 2

A few days ago, we reported that Hotline Miami has more to come. And that was true! Absolutely true. But we’ve since learned a bit more, and if you’re anything like us you’ll be sat by the phone clenching and unclenching fists, donning and undonning masks, desperate for extra murder.

“If people enjoy the game and want more we have a storyline driven DLC in the plans with new characters and diving further in the story”, said Dennaton’s Dennis Weddin on the game’s Steam community page.

Also coming: “Some things we are gonna do with HLM in a future update 🙂 but that is a secret for now!”

What would you like to see added to Hotline Miami, if anything? Don’t say blood. So much blood.

Thanks, RPS.