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Hotline Miami: Wear Something Fancy trailer may cause you to see your breakfast again


I, along with much of the internet, am excitied for Hotline Miami. The top down, pixel violence paragon, oozes style and makes my heart beat faster. The latest trailer, though, the latest trailer may chill you a little.

It’s not for children nor for people who squirm at the non-regulation use of hammers.

The below video was pilfered from the RPS Youtube channel:

What ever happened to the humble bat? Why does it have to be hammers? There’s something awful about that tiny, flat metal head cracking into a skull that makes my stomach all wavy.

As reported before, Hotline Miami will be all up in your face from 23 October. You’d think that with that information you wouldn’t need to click through to the article announcing it but I also pasted all the music from the soundtrack that I could find. It’s wonderful, right out of the dark days of disco. Go listen.