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How to transfer your PC and Mac progress in FTL to iPad

FTL: Advanced Edition introduced a new level of difficulty. Also mind control, which is neat.

It seems a bit silly to quibble about missing saved games in FTL – the roguelike space game in which the oxygen never lasts and every hulk must eventually be claimed by the vacuum. But there is a degree of persistence to be found in its achievements and unlockable ships.

Players of its iOS version have been dismayed to find their PC and Mac records wiped on the new platform, as if their many horrible deaths had never happened. But there is a way.

A user on the Stack Exchange detailed the process, enabled by “great software engineering”, for other players

First, you’ll want to download a tool like iFunBox (Windows) or iExplorer (Mac) that’ll let you upload your save file to the application sandbox of your iPad.

Open the FTL app in your iOS file explorer, and you’ll find a file named prof.sav. It’s this that you’ll want to replace with the equivalent file from your PC – ensuring that the game is closed on your iPad as you do so.

If you’ve played the game since the FTL: Advanced Edition patch went live, you’ll also need to transfer and replace a separate ae_prof.sav file, which contains all your progress since. You’ll want to rename that as ‘prof.sav’ and delete the original file in the iPad folder.

The only potential hiccup is with multiple in-game profiles – user Mike notes that “trial and error” is the only way to determine which save file relates to which profile, and therefore recommends a backup first.

Got all that? Or are you perfectly happy to continue playing FTL sat at your PC?

Thanks, Joystiq.