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Humble Bundle for Android 3 is for PC too, features Spacechem and Uplink


Alright, stop throwing things, I can explain – I know this isn’t AndroidGamesN. Where do you even get hold of rotten fruit at such short notice? Fortunately I’ve a Humble Bundle representative to hand to set you makeshift mobbers straight: “Don’t let the phone fool you, these games work great on Mac, Windows, and Linux and are redeemable on Steam and the Ubuntu Software Centre as well!” So there. Are we good?

It really is a killer line-up, fronted by very-much-PC-games Spacechem and Uplink, the former a genuinely compelling puzzle game about chemical bonding, the latter a hacking sim that first introduced us to longstanding PC champions Introversion.

In with the bargain are tower defence title Fieldrunners and – if you pay above the average – the Lemmings-like Spirits, actually making its PC debut in this bundle. PC all over the shop.

Usual pay-what-you-like rules apply, with 14 days of potential umming and ahhing on the clock should you need them. There’s a trailer below, featuring Humble Bundle’s usual brand of deadpan rap, with cameos from Sean Connery, Christopher Walken and Arnie. I mean, they aren’t credited, but you can tell it’s them.