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Humble Indie Bundle 9 headlined by FEZ and FTL


After all the THQ, Origin and those non-game bundles, you may have forgotten that these Humble’s began with Indie Bundles. The ninth of those collections has reared its head today and is quite the corker, with FTL and FEZ taking the top spots in a gem-laden lineup. 

Pay what you want and you’ll be picking up Trine 2: The Complete Story, Mark of the Ninja, Eets Munchies Beta and Brutal Legend. Bar Eets Munchies (sadly not having played it), I can give you my solemn word that these are all absolute winners. Trine is consistently charming and gentle co-op fun. Mark of the Ninja is the gold-standard in stealth games, and whilst Brutal Legend may have been a bit of a misfired experiment, it’s still full of Double Fine wit and packs one of the industry’s best celebrity voice performances.

Pay over the average spend (currently $3.77) and FTL and FEZ become yours. FTL is bastard hard at times, but its random nature and constant demand of quick-thinking tactics makes it a game you shouldn’t be without. You’ll lose a thousand ships, but you’ll come back for more every time. FEZ is the brainchild of games rock-star Phil Fish, and famous for being in development hell for four years, as documented in the excellent Indie Game: The Movie. Gentle and charming on the surface, FEZ soon becomes head-scratchingly complex as it forces you to explore 3D space on a 2D plane. This bundle also sees FEZ’s debut on Mac and Linux.

It’s the usual Humble story; whatever you pay can be split between developers and charities, or given entirely to whichever party you see fit. You’ll pick up Steam keys if you pay more than a dollar, alongside DRM-free downloads. You also bag the soundtracks with each purchase. The deal runs for another 13 days, and between now and then more games will be released, which you’ll automatically bag if you’ve already paid more than the average. Grab them all from the Humble Bundle website.