The Humble Weekly Sales kicks off with Bastion and some ace extras


The gals and guys over Humble are at it again, fiddling with their own format to find the best ways to coax money out of your wallet. I can already see their newest venture being a potentially damaging one: weekly pay-what-you-want deals.

Supergiant’s excellent game Bastion is the first to receive the weekly sales treatment and despite everyone being legally obliged to already own a copy the extras bundled with it may well tempt you to drop dollar for a whole new copy.

For one week only Supergiant’s Bastion is on sale over at the Humble store, buy it now or forever hold your peace.

Now, as I said up top, a great many of you will already own Bastion, you’re right-thinking gamers who recognise a modern classic when you see one. Though, Humble are one step ahead. If you buy a copy of Bastion and beat the average spend during this weekly sale you’ll also get a copy of the game’s soundtrack, a digital art pack, sheet music for the game’s excellent score, and ringtones for them iPhones and Android things.

The real key though is the new physical reward tier. If you’re willing and able to drop $25 on a copy or Bastion you’ll net yourself a Bastion bandana, a copy of the soundtrack on CD, a Bastion postcard, and a postcard of their newly-announced game, Transistor. The clever thing about this reward tier is that, being pretty enticing, it should push up the average spend and so net more money from the folk looking to get the base bonus content.

Cunning, Humble. Cunning.

Oh, and that $25 price includes international shipping.