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I, Nnihilation: single player comes to Planetary Annihilation in Galactic War campaign

Galactic War features procedurally generated systems, for maximum replayability.

Planetary Annihilation has been playable for quite some time - but an unusually steep Early Access fee ensured it remained unattainable to most. That artificial bottleneck has now been widened, however. 

The game’s dropped to a third of its original price in time for the first iteration of its single player mode - an eminently replayable star-scouring campaign named Galactic War.

Planetary Annihilation’s Galactic War campaign casts players as a “reawakened Commander with a limited tech tree” - a predicament akin to you or I waking up with no legs.

Thankfully, the surrounding stars are flush with tech and perks capable of boosting our commander’s manufacturing and fighting capabilities.

The placement of that tech, not to mention the planets it’s found on, is procedurally determined. That means every playthrough will feel different, say Uber Entertainment. Players can fiddle with the number of systems in the galaxy and the density of stuff in it before they begin a campaign.

Galactic War is a free update, and Planetary Annihilation on Steam is currently 40% off for the weekend - bringing it beneath £20. Never thought we’d see the day - did you?

Even less likely is a boxed Early Access edition of Planetary Annihilation. And yet there it is, on Amazon.

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BLACK KNIGHT avatarsubedii avatar
BLACK KNIGHT(6 hours played)
3 Years ago

It's all very nice and well having a single player mode but this is literally the Sim City (2013) of RTS games with all the game play (yes, the single player gameplay) taking place on servers somewhere in America.

So far the servers are shoddier than Blizzards were during the Diablo 3 launch fiasco. Great if you live two blocks from Uber, not so great if you live in Europe.

subedii Avatar
3 Years ago

There's an EU server. And a US and Australian servers as well.

That said, they've said they're going to be moving the GW to "personal" (as in offline) servers at a later date.