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Icarus Needs: is all about waking up


The challenge of getting out of bed is one all people face every day. For Icarus the challenge goes even further back, he struggles to even get out of his dream.

Icarus Needs: is a short game but a nifty one. Plus, it’s free.

You can play Icarus Needs: over yonder. Do so now.

It’s really a very short little puzzle game, and not one you’ll struggle to complete. What I like most about it is the developer Daniel Merlin’s choice to have the player navigate comic panels. It’s a great idea, allowing them to present Icarus in different poses, scale, and angles without the awkwardness of swinging a camera around mid play.

Also, any game that refers to its own mechanics gets hugs from me. The part near the end when Icarus looks over the castle wall and says it’s a long drop “at least six panels to the ground” was excellent.

Cheers, Freeindiegam.es.