Illuminating: White Night is a survival horror game inspired by Alone in the Dark

White Night trailer

Overexposure has made me cynical when it comes to all but the most special of trailers, and thankfully White Night‘s debut trailer – which we missed back in October – falls smack bang in the middle of that category. Haunting and monochrome, it deftly reveals its inspirations; Hitchcock, Alone in the Dark, German Expressionism, Lynch, even before the text makes it clear.

It’s a horror survival affair, but looks like it will be less about the jump scares and more about the ominous nature of darkness with a spot of puzzles as the protagonist attempts to survive and explore an abandoned house one evening. 

The safety of this mansion explorer will depend on the light sources he has at his disposal, as darkness is the enemy, and that comforting light will also be the solution to the condundrums he faces.

The art style is slightly reminiscent of The Wolf Among us, with the thick, all-consuming blacks and comic book aesthetic, but its monochrome palette also draws comparisons to Betrayer and fellow expressionist game Tangiers.

Definitely worth keeping an eye – and a torch – on.

Cheers, RPS.