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Incognita beta to begin within two months


Klei’s espionage’em’up, Incognita, is still very much avoiding the spotlight, with few details of how the game will run emerging from the developer’s lips. Though in a stream yesterday they revealed that the beta is planned to begin within the next two months, meaning we’ll soon be able to get our hands on the Klei’s reversal of XCOM.

Some details of the game were revealed in the stream, also. Missions will be simple tasks – access information on a target’s computer, for instance – and you’ll be racing the clock to complete your objectives. As the game is turn-based, the way this works is that each completed turn raises the alarm level of the facility you’re infiltrating. When the gauge fills a SWAT team is called in to eradicate your squad.

Your team are made up of specialists, all of whom can die permanently if not looked after (or SWATted for taking too long). And, like in XCOM, you’ll need to play to their strengths if you want to complete the level efficiently.

Klei announced that the beta for Incognita will be launching in the next two months and, if the developer’s other ongoing beta (for Don’t Starve) is anything to go by, it will likely be a long process where you see the game in a very rudimentary form build into a feature-filled game.

Here’s a recording of the stream:

Watch live video from kleientertainment on TwitchTV

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