Insurgency 2 early access launches today; Twitch play session to celebrate


The sequel to ModDB’s “Player’s Choice Mod of the Year” in 2007, Insurgency, is nearing its beta phase but you don’t need to wait till then to get into the ruthless 32-player class-based shooter. Instead, you can now opt for an early access pack which will let you start playing later this evening.

Further details after the break.

Insurgency was originally a 16-player mod that tried to edge towards a more realistic shooter; it stripped out the crosshair andhad most guns kill in one or two shots. Since its success, a bulk of the mod team formed a development studio, New World Interactive, and began work on Insurgency 2. As well as upping the quality of the game’s assets, making full use of the updates to the Source Engine that came following the release of the mod in 2007, they’ve doubled the number of players allowed on each team.

While its not yet ready for its full release, Insurgency 2 is in a playable state and the developers want to open it up to the public for a wider testing group for the rest of development, hence this new early access pack. On sale for $20, the pack will activate from 6pm PST tonight (2am GMT).

Though from 4pm PST (midnight over here in the UK) the team will be streaming, the dev’s will be having games streamed on Destructoid’s Mastastic.