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Ittle Dew aims to out-Zelda The Binding of Isaac, is out now


Around Christmastime, before any thought of extended time in front of the monitor had been drowned in cranberry sauce, editor Tim asked the PCGamesN senate to recommend a Zelda-like PC game. After wondering aloud what on Earth was wrong with real Zelda (“I refuse to play a non-HD game in 2012”), the assembled representatives eventually plumped for Darksiders, for want of anything else in existence.

I don’t think Ittle Dew is exactly what Tim had in mind – it’s in the wrong perspective, for starters – but it’s certainly that thing we couldn’t quite think of a few months ago: a Zelda-like PC game.

Swedish indie outfit Ludosity have put together a lovely-looking 2D action adventure game and released it via their site for $13.99, alongside the promise of PC, Mac and Linux Steam keys later in the month.

Ittle Dew’s influences are obviously drawn from outside our halls: its doors are the kind opened by fiendish block-moving puzzles rather than primary-coloured key cards, the player is accompanied by a flying fox at all times, and there’s a Wii U release slated for later in the year.

But here it is, rudely waggling a sense of humour more at home on Steam than Nintendo’s prudish eShop:

The sound design alone is something to behold, or to behear, I suppose. What do you make of its reverential swooshes and clangs?

Thanks, Eurogamer.