Jane Jensen’s new adventure game, Moebius, launches on April 15th

Moebius launches April 15th

Moebius: Empire Rising is out now; here’s our Moebius: Empire Rising review.

It’s been a long time since we’ve had an adventure game from Gabriel Knight creator Jane Jensen. But the first game from her Pinkerton Road studio, Moebius: Empire Rising, is almost upon us. It’ll be making its way onto Mac and PC on April 15th.

Moebius follows the adventures of antiquities hunter Malachi Rector as he becomes embroiled in a murder, cover-up and history-spanning conspiracy. Not altogether far removed from Gabriel Knight’s adventures, really. 

Phoenix Online Publishing recently revealed that it would be bringing Moebius to hungry adventure gamers. It’s the new indie publishing wing of Phoenix Online Studios, the developer behind the rather good Cognition thrillers, whose protagonist was voiced by Raleigh Holmes, Jensen’s step-daughter.

Jensen’s worked with Phoenix Online before, and the developer arm has been working with her on Moebius. “After two years in development, I’m excited to bring Moebius: Empire Rising to market,” said Jensen. “I’ve worked closely with Phoenix throughout development, and I know they love this game as much as I do. I’m pleased to have them handling the publishing end so I can focus on writing and designing more games.”

When Jensen started Pinkerton Road, she had three concepts she wanted to turn into games. She turned to the adventure game community to help pick which one she’d turn from concept to reality, and it’s not surprising that they voted for Moebius, given it’s similarities to Jensen’s greatest creation.