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JetGetters’ Kickstarter cancelled as developer finds investor

jetgetters tinybuild

The games industry moves faster than a speeding bullet sometimes: tinyBuild launched JetGetters’ Kickstarter, received its needed $50,000, and cancelled it all before we wrote a post about it.*

They’ve decided to cancel because, despite having the necessary funding from fans, tinyBuild have decided to partner with an investor “to assist tinyBuild in expanding our development and publishing efforts.”

JetGetters is still due for release but it’s just going to take a little bit longer than first expected.

The delay’s short, only three months or so, but, write tinyBuild, “because we feel strongly that if we promise something, we better damn well deliver on it” tinyBuild are cancelling the Kickstarter. “We have a reputation to uphold and don’t want to be lumped in with all the other kickstarters that have been delayed and or abandoned.”

So, now JetGetters is due out in 2015. Very early 2015.

TinyBuild will be rewarding everyone who backed the JetGetters with the $50 tier, the tinyBundle. It includes seven tinyBuild games, only three of which are currently released – No Time To Explain, Not The Robots and SpeedRunners.

The delay is disappointing but at least we will still see JetGetters released, it sounds like a blast. You fire out of your home base in a small jet and your job is simple, destroy the enemy base. Complicating this is that you can eject from your jet at any time and grapple onto another players – either hijacking it if it’s an enemy or hitching a ride if it’s a friend.

With planes being expendable, players should be hopping in an out of jets with abandon and coming up with tactics that see the sky filled with crashing jets, grapple lines, and rockets.

Here’s some early footage:

Bring on 2015.

*That might say something about us more than the speed of the industry but let’s not read too deeply into this intro’s throwaway first line. Please. I need to eat.