Jump around: Epigenesis free for the weekend and 75% off

Epigenesis on sale and free for the weekend

Future-sports game Epigenesis, which is currently in beta and Early Access, is free for the weekend. So if you’ve ever wanted to fight for global domination by leaping across platforms suspended high in the sky while chucking a ball around, now’s your chance. It’s a bit of a cheeky sport where you can also knock friends and enemies alike from great heights with your gravity gun. 

It’s a bit like the kind of sport you’d imagine those chaps from Tribes would play on their off-hours. 

If you become a bit smitten with Epigenesis after the trial, you can keep it in your library for a measly £1.74/$2.50, which is 75 percent off the regular price. It’s also available for that throughout the trial period if you want to snatch it up straight away.

On February 21st, developer Dead Shark Triplepunch will also be hosting a big Epigenesis tournament, running until the 23rd. You’ll be able to sign up for that soon on their site. If you do well, you might net yourself some of these prizes:

  • Three QPAD QH-90 PC gaming headsets engraved with the Epigenesis logo for the winning Team
  • Three QPAD mouse pads for the 2nd place team
  • Dead Shark Triplepunch T-shirts for the top three teams

Good luck not falling to your death.