Kerbal Space Program launches asteroid-harassing update in collaboration with NASA

Kerbal Space Program updates adds Asteroid Redirect Mission

Kerbal Space Program’s Asteroid Mission patch has gone live today. The update was designed in collaboration with NASA, based on last years proposal to fire humans at asteroids. Or at least send a manned craft onto an orbiting asteroid beyond the Moon. 

As well as the new, challenging mission, Squad has thrown in a bunch of new rocket parts inspired by real NASA rockets, some of which are the most powerful parts in the game so far.

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“The Asteroid Redirect Mission is going to challenge our players like never before, as it creates new situations that have never been encountered before in the game, regardless if you’re a new or veteran player,” creator and lead developer Felipe Falanghe said. “Expect lots of new challenges to properly complete the mission, and lots of new features as well to help the Kerbals and you along the way.

The objective of the mission is split into three steps, each of them the same steps NASA itself is attempting to accomplish in the actual mission which is due to be completed in 2022. Astronauts must identify the asteroids, redirect them into orbis and then do a spot of big brain research to get scientific data.

“When you’re planning a new mission, there is no shortage of people who have ideas on how to see it executed,” said Bob Jacobs, NASA’s Deputy Associate Administrator for the Office of Communications at Headquarters in Washington. “Kerbal Space Program is an immersive experience where would-be rocket scientists and engineers can put those ideas to the test in innovative and creative ways.”

The new rocket parts, based on NASA’s own absurdly expensive spacey tech includes:

Advanced Grabbing Unit: This is where the Kerbals have taken the most liberty from their collaboration with NASA, this device can claw at asteroids and just about anything else, including Kerbals on EVA. Warranty void if used to pick up Kerbals.

Fuel tanks and Liquid Rocket Booster: Inspired by NASA’s SLS tanks, these modular tanks will give players plenty of freedom to intercept asteroids, while the modular liquid boosters can be configured to fit the players’ needs to attach as much fuel as needed to the engine

Solid Rocket Booster: Inspired by NASA’s Space Shuttle SRBs, this allows players to create launch assistance stages that can be jettisoned during flights

Main Engine Cluster and Upper Stage Engine: Based off schematics for a quad engine SLS configuration, the main engine cluster will be used for primary lifting stages while the latter part simulates the J2X engine and can assist players delivering heavy cargo or crew payloads to orbit

Launch Escape Tower: KSP already features an Orion-inspired crew capsule, so this LES, modelled after the iconic Apollo towers, will help players save their crew during the less fortunate launches of super heavy rockets

You can get the update now, via Steam if you bought the it on Steam Early Access or on the Kerbal Space Program website. Then you can go and pester chunks of space rock and ice and what not. Actually, I think those are narcotics.