Legend of Dungeon gets a Kickstarter anniversary update

Legend of Dungeon anniversary update

To celebrate the anniversary of Robot Loves Kitty getting Legend of Dungeon 650 percent funded on Kickstarter, it’s launching the Tormenter update with a slew of new stuff, some of it very, very welcome. Additional game modes are getting thrown into the mix, including a daily dungeon and impossible mode, but I’m most pleased to see inventory management getting some polish with the inclusion of hotkeys. It really was an unnecessary hassle navigating that messy inventory. 

Here’s the full Tormenter change log.

  • Revised Menu Added Holiday Stuff!
  • Added a help screen
  • Added game modes: Impossible, Seed, and Daily Dungeon
  • Added Dungeon tiles
  • Added Inventory Hotkeys
  • Door use now gradually colors doors
  • Added Enable\Disable 60fps Target framerate
  • Fixed the Book of the Devil summon bug
  • Improved switch hitbox (so its easier to hit with most weapons)
  • Fixed monsters from the previous room making aggro noises
  • Moved the first step for downward stairs Fixed a handful of colliders